Bruno Carnide

Hello, I'm Bruno Carnide an independent film director. I've directed several fiction, documentary and animation short films, that won dozen awards and have been exhibited in hundreds of film festivals around the world.
These are some of my short films, please enjoy!

OUTONO (FALL) | Micro Film

A couple discovers old letters revealing a betrayal. In this story, where the viewer always arrives a couple of minutes late and can only hear the echoes of what happened, what could have been the outcome? (en)

Um casal descobre cartas antigas reveladoras de uma traição. Nesta história onde o espectador chega sempre atrasado e apenas ouve os ecos do que se passou, qual terá sido o desfecho? (pt)

Director & Writer Bruno Carnide Production & Cast Bruno Carnide, Cátia Biscaia
Photography, Editing & Sound Bruno Carnide Original Music Carlos Martins

- Winner Honorable Mention - New Talents FNAC, Portugal 2019
- Short Short Story Film Festival, United States 2018